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Batley Girls’

Sixth Form College

Study periods and attendance protocols

Study periods:

In order to support your child develop the resilience, grit, and the independent learning habits in order to manage their workload, maintain high levels of wellbeing, and  be highly successful in her aspirational next steps, we have created supervised study periods where they can concentrate on the third strand of the Curriculum Handbooks to extend their learning. The expectation of student conduct in this room is silent working just like a university student would be expected to study in a University library.


Attendance protocols:

Attendance in post-16 education is the fundamental cornerstone of your child's achievement in Year 13. As with GCSEs, levels of absence have a direct correlation with decreased attainment and opportunities for future study and employment.
Our aim therefore is to maintain 97% attendance. Over half term one this means your child should miss no more than two days of college. By Christmas, no more than 3 days in total, by February, no more than 4 and so on. Should your child have an attendance of 90% - 93%, the research suggests that they will underachieve by one grade per subject from their minimum expected grades. Having an attendance of 85% to 90% could mean that your child could underachieve by two grades per subject. Once students maintain 97% attendance, earned autonomy in the form of study sign outs from college will be granted by me. This privilege will start after Week 4, week beginning: 2 October. We ask for your support in encouraging and securing the highest percentage attendance so that we achieve every opportunity for excellence.

Should you wish to discuss your child's attendance and how we can support them to address any gaps in knowledge from below expected attendance previously, please do not hesitate to contact the team.


Laura Dixon, Director of BG6