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Batley Girls’

Sixth Form College

Enrichment Programme

The purpose of Enrichment is to enhance our student's access to targeted, whole-person experiences, by bringing extra-curricular activities into our curriculum as a timetabled lesson.


In these cultural enrichment lessons students secure knowledge and skills that will enhance their personal profile and improve their sense of empowerment. 


Students select from a programme of rich and useful opportunities that they may not get access to otherwise. Everything from connecting with a local company to improve public speaking capabilities, to sign language (BSL), book club to entrepreneurship. Depending on which opportunities are selected, the programme of study may involve getting a qualification, such as EPQ, which is incredibly valuable when applying for further education. The students also have the opportunity to volunteer in the community and complete or lead charity work. 


The Enrichment Programme takes place in a timetabled session once a week, in 6-8 week blocks, from September to Easter in both Year 12 and Year 13. The students gain many and varied benefits from Enrichment, and we believe that it is invaluable in helping our students to get ahead in the competitive world of work and university, as well as preparing them for life. We are proud of our programme and always try to tailor it and respond to the needs and requests of our cohort. 


To complement this students are prepared for UCAS applications. We host alumni talks, as well as learning conferences, and always ensure are students are up to date with any opportunities that they can sign up to outside of college hours to further enhance their personal profile. 


Work experience is also crucial to our Enrichment Programme and our dedicated time slot to Enrichment means that our students can sign up for work experience without impacting their A Level or Applied courses' lessons.

Courses that are running for Enrichment 23/24


Arts Award

British Sign Language

Café Philosophy 


Next Generation Leaders