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Batley Girls’

Sixth Form College


Fatima Laher:

“The warm and inclusive atmosphere from both tutors and fellow students is what attracted me. This was, by far the best decision that I made purely because of the level of support and assistance that I received from the tutors. Each and every tutor went beyond my expectations with the principal aim of ensuring that I was able to pursue a successful career and in turn, a positive future. BGHS offered a broad range of subjects to the students, a wealth of experience and specialised careers advice.
Following my GCSEs and A Level results, I was able to successfully complete my Law Degree with a 1st class honours and subsequently, the Bar Professional Training Course, which incorporated the masters, LLM (Barrister). I have now completed my training as a qualified barrister focusing predominantly on criminal and family law. This would not have been possible without the support provided from BGHS.”

Emily Jo Castle: 

“I studied English Language, Art and Photography. I absolutely loved all my A level courses, especially the Arts courses. The teachers were so passionate so it was hard not to enjoy doing the work.

During my time here I took on the role of Head Girl which gave me more opportunities than I could’ve dreamed of – from international trips to Prague to the chance to debate at model UN. It really built my confidence and allowed me to develop my leadership skills which I now use on a day to day basis. The staff at BGHS were always so supportive both in lessons and outside the class room and I believe that level of support helped shape who I am as a person and has lead me to where I am today.”