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Batley Girls’

Sixth Form College

Vision and values

Our vision:

To leave a legacy of... Every Opportunity for Excellence 

We believe that each individual student is uniquely talented. We enable our young people to explore their talents to allow them to flourish and become confident young adults who are able to make the most of their opportunities.

Our values:

Through supporting you to reach your full potential we enable our BG6 students to develop and grow, which is how we remember our values.



We have community compassion; we're helpful and considerate and we are focused on developing others. 



We are able to adapt to change and realise that, whilst we can't always control what happens, we can control how we respond to the challenges we face both academically and holistically.



We show an interest in others and are accepting and understanding that others may have different approaches or views.



We are curious about the world around us and this, alongside our academic curiosity, drives our ambition and hopes for the future.