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Batley Girls’

Sixth Form College

Curriculum Handbooks

Course Handbooks are a regular feature of University academic life, and adapted study support handbooks have been created and well established in the highest performing sixth forms in the country. Building on the research of creating confident, independent sixth form learners, your child has received a handbook per subject that she studies, and is currently working through a series of student development lessons on how to best use them to impact her outcomes. 


These handbooks outline the subject content over the year, how the assessment of each course works, any key deadlines for students, as well as their weekly Independent Review sheets. 


Research suggests that by Year 13 high performing students do an additional 6 hours of study per week, per course they study in addition to their taught curriculum. This can seem daunting for students, and as such we have supported students by splitting this into 3 sections:

1. Review 

Students should spend 90 minutes over the week consolidating their lessons and preparing their revision starting points. This could be by making flashcards, summary pages of the learning, mindmaps, quizzing, or knowledge organisers. 

2. React

Students should spend 2 hours per subject each week on a range of homework activities which have been designed to embed learning and support student recall and application skills to the exam specifications. 

3. Research

Students should spend 90 minutes a week extending their learning beyond their lessons and homework. We are supporting them to structure this by providing a week-by-week list of activities that your daughter works through in her supervised study period.


Our expectation at BG6 is that students fill out each section every week, and their tutor, course teacher and the BG6 team will sign off each section.


Laura Dixon, Director of BG6